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Initial Hair Analysis Report 90 Minute Consultation

Get the information you need to figure how to improve your health in the most comprehensive way to understand your body's needs. 

From your Adrenal health, Thyroid health, Endocrine health, Stress pattern, Mineral bio-availability, Cellular oxidation rate, Metabolic pattern, Blood sugar metabolism, Inflammation, and Heavy metal toxicity, this test along with Alex Tuggle L.Ac.'s expert analysis will give you the precise Step-by-step solutions to your health needs!

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Here's What You'll Get:
  • Hair Mineral Analysis Test with a detailed 20 page interpretive report
  • 90 minute Skype/phone health consultation with Alex Tuggle L.Ac.
  • Dietary advice and tailor-made Supplement Protocol recommendations.
  • Step-by-step treatment process and weekly Dosage Plan.
  • Accurate information about your cellular health, Adrenal gland health, Thyroid function and heavy metal toxicity.
  • Blueprint to help you navigate you on your path to wellness and recovery.
  • The best system for assessing and improving energy and your metabolism.
  • Plus more!!

Real Patient Testimonial!

"Dr. Alex is amazing! He gave me my life back, and got me better! I had been battling Adrenal fatigue and Copper toxicity for 2 years. He truly healed me. He is an incredible healer! I had been to doctor after doctor over the years. I am just so happy I found him! Have faith, and trust in him. He will get you better if you follow what he says" 

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